Monday, June 2, 2014

Chapter 4


In Between

Im getting better at this game...

I begin my RO days with follow the 1st step which is grind exp from condor monsters. My team is random just join anyone who spam me invitation..

I notice in here they dont do raid. Max party is 5 ppl if anyone ask for team they say full altho can invite more.Tht becoz i read one of party mate say more than 5 players the exp earn will be decrease...too bad but tht make sense tho if raid on condoring tht will be too easy.

The technique to play here if full party is must have atleast 1 healer. Then the whole team will move the the center of the area. One person will lure or gathering the monsters and drag them near group and we all will spam aoe attack. 

Lvl up :D

FUnny is exp grinding from condor can be stack up to 20k then we have to go back to Morroc city n talk to npc to lvlup n pay some money tho and deduct the exp tht we already stack.

And the exp not just use to lvlup but we can buy items or skill point etc. SO i realise we can hold lvl and buy item if we dont want to lvlup yet.

Just rotate grind exp n come back to npc here.

SO other than play condoring,...

The best part here is where i enjoy my job as Artisan, make my own Menace Set :D

This is Pillarnium an important mineral to craft Menace Set as i see in my job, most the gear require this as one of the item needed. Get this stuff from mining like the above pic ^-^
Its like everywhere around the desert it will respawn back for some time.

This is Desert Scorpion Shell the one get from monster here. 
Important item too in crafting menace set.

*Other than these 2, the other material to craft the set we can buy use exp so as long we grind exp we can just buy it.

I open my Job, as me jump lvl 50 my job is lvl 50 too so i have no problem learning high lvl craftment ^-^
But sadly i cant make my weapon it happened tht weapon only blacksmith can craft it  dam >..<
But me lucky as Cerebral Snake is a BlackSmith she help craft my weapon. Lol i wonder is this a coincidence or wht im just so bless :D

She rly a kind soul keep helping me out even give stuff in my mail box when she got sumthing for me.

But before i can craft the gear i have to learnt the design 1st to unlock it. Tht why she gave me those design :)
And i do earn design on my own too during condoring/looting.

I hope one day my learning in design complete all..well tht if i still playing.

The menace gear is blue colour n the stat is better than the green i wear before.
But there is more way to improve the gear with refine/honing and rune. I knw abt honing and refine and refine can break our gear so im scare to do it as if broken it will gone lol.
But rune idk how does it work. I see have rune hole cud it be mean like socketing if in Wartune hmm. For now i just gona ignore it.

I see menace set nothing different in appearance only can see different colour tho.
Pink before and whn im equip Menace it turn violet..
But the stat better tht wht matters ~


When Newbie Meet Newbie....

Today when i online suddenly Cerebral whispered me..She asking for a favor and if am free to help out.

I was like ...wheee my savior asking my help..finally  i can return the good deed she done for me and this is my time to show i am reliable >..<

But it happened tht she need me to help her friend out.. help the person lvling.

I was like huh im only 3 weeks years old and im gona plvl ppl :O
woah i wonder if im capable to coz i feel im noob lol and me jump character i dont how understand actually how ppl been lvlup.

Well i were invited to the party and not long after im in all ppl left lol i cudnt get to see who was there other than Cerebral.

And leave me alone with the person im suppose to help in a party mode.

The person is PrincessOzma, a noel like me but different class where she is a soul maker.

She was confuse as well..and ask whts going on.

Im proudly say Cerebral ask me to help and assist her in lvling.

Then she said oh so u are mama friend. Lol she called cerebral mama...( tht just remind me how i used to call Vinki )

And so we two hang out together tht day...

Lol was it coincidence her name is Princess and me come to help her out.

HMm how im gona say this is like Princess and the Bodyguard or cud be Princess rescuer story lol. 

Good thing is im wearing almost complete Menace Set so im kinda stronger for this map tht she lvling up. 

We even clear the dungeon with just two of us. If wasnt coz of her i dont even know myself tht im this strong lol...well and she heal me too so the two of us work well. 

She lvlup fast tho i think whn i joined her lvl was 44 and lastly we cleared all the quest in Sograt Desert and the next map Road of Blessed her lvl become 48.

The time i spent with her was enjoyable. Its feel good to play with companion than solo around. And we chat at the time it was fun. I even story her about wartune the previous game i played before i come here. 

Apparently she also like me, we are the lucky ppl picked up by Cerebral. The clueless newbie who have same savior.

I told her tht i almost give up the game till Cerebral found me...and she does same and said Cerebral help her alot.

And soo the two of us begin the noobie noobie relationship.

Next day when i come and look back she already lvl 50 and turn into ML next lol.
She rly good by not even wear pve gear and passed the test.

Seeing her a ml now then i invite her to to condoring with me. Before start, i gave her some gear i got for soul maker during i hunt my weapon on Golem some monster at the dayr desert. In return she gimme her food she made. Well princess job is a chef so she can cook :D

Those are food she made.

I jokes to her tht she shud hide the name of the food lol as me dont think anyone wanna eat whn knw the food made from from such ingredient...frog ?!

Princess 1st day condoring was lucky as we got help from high lvl ml and plus cerebral help out too ^-^

My aoe wasnt much help as the high lvl ml kill them fast tho.

It was good run till princess got dced so we call the day off.

  The game rly enjoyable, however it will more fun if i can get Abby to play with me. We two can explore together sigh~Too bad Abby still have problem to get this game start. She having problem with the launching crashed and fail to update. If only im a computer intellect i cud help Abby trace wht is wrong but im just too dumb whn it come to computer. Im just lucky at my side everything from download/install/update everything work auto and i just click OK and START.

            This is why this chapter i like to name it in between....
After all the experience i had from the game, it still will be lonely if im playing alone and no one to share with. The excitement tht i felt i wonder if my wartune friends who not playing can understand the feeling tht i had huh~. And if Abby cant join me probably ill just have to go back to Wartune.

            But Cerebral have help me alot too i cant just stop like this........

I remember the experience i had in wartune how i babysit ppl and kinda sad whn they stop playing. SO in here i am the baby, bein babysit...i dont want to stop like this atleast i want to grow my char showing my gratitude to Cerebral tht she doesnt pick the wrong person. ( even its just my opinion alone lol )


  1. haha. lols. CerebralSnake, the girl from Bulgaria, she's really kind. what a heart. love her soul. She's also a friend of mine. you can also wm when I'm in-game (In-game Name: Balahura). :) happy gaming!

  2. :D i didnt notice there a comment coz u the only one did and ty for help me in game the other day with cerebral...maybe u want to check the pics we took in my latest chap.

  3. thanks kid! I'm your avid follower now. haha. I have read chapter 11 for about 4x from now. haha. gotta wait for the next chapter. and I would also like to mention that you got creativity lv. 999999. haha. If you publish a novel, I'll be your 1st fan. :)