Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Chapter 8


Baby Steps

Well today i on but not sure wht to do yet. Im checking who is online and press U to open friend list window.

Eh..sumthin not right there or i look wrong..

WOah it show Abby is ml in the list !?

The name if have jewel its is for player who turn into ML and I see Abby have it and lvl 1 :D

Omg i wonder how she do it without me around @.@ and plus when did she login to do it >..<

I think Abby must have play earlier for short time before she goin to work.
Im so happy cant wait to see her tonite.

So many things i want to do now but i think the best is to help Abby make her menace set so she can be strong.

Open my job menu and these wht i find. It seem they not different much from my crecentia set..i mean the material needed.

WHile wait my friend to come online, me go gather the material and went to auction house buy design as me need to unlock the design if not i cant craft them even i have the material.


Me: Hihi. WB

Abby: Ty.U on RO2?

Me: Yep. I was waiting for u :D. Btw u passed ML?

Abby: Ya.

Me: Lol when did u do?

Abby: After u left i decide to try kill 3 then use item u gave me to revive and kill the other 2.

Me: Ooo..( iremember i did give Abby spinel).Im happy for u.

Abby: Ty :)





Then Abby come online we discuss about her gear and proceed all the way ^-^

I show to Abby where to mining Pillarnium.

While we kill condors and golems she found applied element and asked me what does the thing do.

Well now I remember during early condoring i get them from looting but not sure either wht does it do but since it look nice i save in bag until i asked Cerebral, she said its use on weapon. She note me to use synister on condor and destruction on muka. After tht i learn more from time to time abt this element.

It seem the element stuff only work on monster in dayr area, when im out from dayr area and go kill monster on other map they doesnt have any element effect.

NOw i have to explain to Abby i thought put here as well to share wht my brain have info on these element.

 and now we made most of the equipment...taking break at Dayr while me thinking wht next step to do.

We both stuck...not becoz we dont know wht to do...

there so much things to do lol >..< and we dont knw where to begin...yet.

I know there is event going one about dark whisper from new patching but me dont think we both can participate it. There many unclear stuff like our main quest not fully complete.

Like this one i see new quest in prontera it shud be an event have duration not perma like last time i do angeling/deviling quest.

We cud just go on lvling like crazy tho but i think its not appropriate to skip everything even we are jump in lvl. At least get to know RO2 storyline.

With current gear we wearing i think we two can handle normal dgn for questing of lvl1-50.

And with clear all quest im sure we in future can take part those dungeons like CoA or Bapho ..

SOo we back to the begin and start all over since Abby quest not been touch yet while me done some think my last stop at with PrincessOzma. ( sigh i dont see she online anymore :(  

Well other than quest there much more game functions tht me dunno how does it rly work. Hope we will learn it from time to time.

Good thing is the exploration now its not me alone. Lucky Abby not giving up and passed her test and she gona walk with me through this game ^-^

2 weeks ago..

MY soul have this kind of feeling...
Im happy i were treated nicely from ppl in this world..
but some hidden in me feel lonely until ..

And now...

Preview the Journey of two young noel begin....

to be continue ....

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