Sunday, June 29, 2014

Chapter 10



WHeee finally we grad from our home run thru all the maps..

We deserve some happy song here ^-^

Questing 1-50 is long Journey...

Rotating quest and meet same npc make me remember them more than what the quest is all about. 

Here are some top npc tht i turn them into my own scene during the journey.

Dr.Jacob is funny and weird idk why he always behave like tht @.@

Think me first time meet him at South Plain and it has movie wer he success ride and fly a Peco huh~

Trade Master Onasis in Alberta.

This guy i wonder how old is he, he look like old like his hair dont match with him >.>

But i like how he laugh and i click many times on him just to hear he say: Hohoo,.. the wind are strong today! :D

ANd here the infamous Eremes Guile. I not sure he is in good side or bad side actually.

Saint Aione's Escort.

When in East Mt. Mjolnir i wasnt rly pay attention to them but well now they rly got my attention.

Apart from those four, Kleindiana Lexington always remain strong...

In Morroc when everyone collapse only she still have some strength.

but..was it just me or u guys can see it
she was staring at Lorishu...( even strong woman will have tht feeling hohoho )

Oh well these were just to pass my time while completing the quest journey.

Pro player shudnt be doing this lol we suppose to go grind sumwer >.> 

After Abby left to slp usually me still around and been nothin much ,..condors or take screen shot ...or i just go use flying kafra coz i rly like them.

Even me master level 5 for long but actually ive been buying skill point everytime my experience or we say master point reach 12k.

Now think i already bought 9 skill point. If used them to lvlup probably me already ML 11 o.0

But the lazy me have sumone rly good to always back up..

As i was remember wht Cerebral been doing and suddenly she whispered me today.

Cerebral was asking if i want to hang out do sumthin fun :O

I was like hmm lol im ML5 and she is ML17 the gap is far not sure where we can hang out and both can have fun.

She asked how many dna monster i have collected...i replied i had 6 ( i tot it was ok )

Cerebral was like oh.. yea u are jump char..

Look at her reaction i knew tht quantity is rly poor i

SO she decided to help me hunt dna.

She figure as Bunny this time.

My development quite fast Cerebral said when she was early time take longer time to have atleast 1 complete dna over here.

But we spent less than an hour i got 4-5 dna complete.

I see now why its important to have others dna even they are weak dna monster..
We need alot alot to reduce the cool down..
Like this we can summon the strong dna monster in less cd.
So far my strongest dna is Gorem wer i got him during i hunting noel gear for Abby.

Not long after here comeJune Event !

Hmm i dont like to just take all from ppl without give back in return...i was thinkin wht i shud give to Cerebral for waste her time on helping me around in condor.. So i decide to post 100 dark coin to her mail box hope she ok with tht or maybe its just a lame present >.<.

and i grind more zeny to buy vip 30 days for Abby since she gave me 2 perfect lunius. Iknw she can just buy cash it but in term of friendship we suppose to not take advantage so we shud take and give :D.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Chapter 9


The Journey

So we went back to Garden of Yigdrassil ..and questing for Abby begin..

and so we continue with the rest..

Well my quest mostly done but i join Abby so make her quest run faster with two of us kill monsters..and our daily were like...

it will be like this till Abby reach her quest in Morroc where my quest stop.


Completing my guardian quest...

I remember my guardian quest not fully complete. SO i decide to complete them. Actually i rarely use guardian only use whn i need to run fast >..< and the gauge is long cd keep forget to use it back.

I think guardian quest is for all class but depend on their job to get the mission. As for me artisan my quest start from this woman at Prontera town.

Somehow the guardian remind me of Death Note...idk why.

* actually it is bug,... there is no way we can use flying kafra whn guardian on summon. But it feel good whn he follow me like this even on flying kafra altho in other ppl screen it doesnt exist lol.

More Journey Scene..

I like map with green environment and have lake or sea to swim around >.<

Its look like noel swim use their tail @.@

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Chapter 8


Baby Steps

Well today i on but not sure wht to do yet. Im checking who is online and press U to open friend list window.

Eh..sumthin not right there or i look wrong..

WOah it show Abby is ml in the list !?

The name if have jewel its is for player who turn into ML and I see Abby have it and lvl 1 :D

Omg i wonder how she do it without me around @.@ and plus when did she login to do it >..<

I think Abby must have play earlier for short time before she goin to work.
Im so happy cant wait to see her tonite.

So many things i want to do now but i think the best is to help Abby make her menace set so she can be strong.

Open my job menu and these wht i find. It seem they not different much from my crecentia set..i mean the material needed.

WHile wait my friend to come online, me go gather the material and went to auction house buy design as me need to unlock the design if not i cant craft them even i have the material.


Me: Hihi. WB

Abby: Ty.U on RO2?

Me: Yep. I was waiting for u :D. Btw u passed ML?

Abby: Ya.

Me: Lol when did u do?

Abby: After u left i decide to try kill 3 then use item u gave me to revive and kill the other 2.

Me: Ooo..( iremember i did give Abby spinel).Im happy for u.

Abby: Ty :)





Then Abby come online we discuss about her gear and proceed all the way ^-^

I show to Abby where to mining Pillarnium.

While we kill condors and golems she found applied element and asked me what does the thing do.

Well now I remember during early condoring i get them from looting but not sure either wht does it do but since it look nice i save in bag until i asked Cerebral, she said its use on weapon. She note me to use synister on condor and destruction on muka. After tht i learn more from time to time abt this element.

It seem the element stuff only work on monster in dayr area, when im out from dayr area and go kill monster on other map they doesnt have any element effect.

NOw i have to explain to Abby i thought put here as well to share wht my brain have info on these element.

 and now we made most of the equipment...taking break at Dayr while me thinking wht next step to do.

We both stuck...not becoz we dont know wht to do...

there so much things to do lol >..< and we dont knw where to begin...yet.

I know there is event going one about dark whisper from new patching but me dont think we both can participate it. There many unclear stuff like our main quest not fully complete.

Like this one i see new quest in prontera it shud be an event have duration not perma like last time i do angeling/deviling quest.

We cud just go on lvling like crazy tho but i think its not appropriate to skip everything even we are jump in lvl. At least get to know RO2 storyline.

With current gear we wearing i think we two can handle normal dgn for questing of lvl1-50.

And with clear all quest im sure we in future can take part those dungeons like CoA or Bapho ..

SOo we back to the begin and start all over since Abby quest not been touch yet while me done some think my last stop at with PrincessOzma. ( sigh i dont see she online anymore :(  

Well other than quest there much more game functions tht me dunno how does it rly work. Hope we will learn it from time to time.

Good thing is the exploration now its not me alone. Lucky Abby not giving up and passed her test and she gona walk with me through this game ^-^

2 weeks ago..

MY soul have this kind of feeling...
Im happy i were treated nicely from ppl in this world..
but some hidden in me feel lonely until ..

And now...

Preview the Journey of two young noel begin....

to be continue ....

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Chapter 7


Hang in there


Not able to play whole day the server keep on error T.T

Uhm play song 1st before start writing to get the mood lol. FUnny is i only like listen to game soundtrack when i need mood. Im just a gameholic @.@

My fav and the only Suikoden i played,...Suikoden II

My daily are nothing much for the moment. I realize my progress kinda slow where i look at my friend list the people who become friends tht add me when we meet or team up during condoring all left to muka and some turn ML20 already. They so fast :O

Whn i was on Wartune me kinda hard core player my stuff almost up to date but well here i just play casual >..< but i like it now more relaxing can blogin sumore. 

So i still stuck at condor whre i hold my lvl buy skill point. Reason me stay like this coz i wait Abby to turn master level so she can join me together we lvlup. She sacrifise her wartune just to play with me here so i will definitely wait for her. 

Next day~

It seem they having new update no wonder me cannot login before.

The game appearance change tho.

I online at EastMt.Mjolnir the place i last logoff and i login my screen being spam party invitation.

MsSniPer: Invite guild pls.

Me: Wait i just login my control messed up ( i notice i move awkwardly lol it seem my custom short keys has broken had to redo.)

MsSniPer: Ok i wait.

Shortly then me invite her to guild.

MsSniPer: Can u give me some money. Im new to the game.

Look at her lvl i see she must be jump char like me.I gave her some zeny.

After tht she ask for extra cards huh~.

I dont save cards they seem easy to get tho and my bag is limited if to keep them.
And she left after.

Not long after tht i met her at condor o.0 she turn ml shortly and start doin condoring and she in another guild lol. I guess she not rly newbie. I been cheated >..<

Well i knw every game community have this kind of player. I just hope my destiny only meet genuine and kind ppl. 

*And im just a freaks who screen shot everything to feed my blog lol.


Well Abby online every time is at 05:00 server time till 8 or 9 she have to go slp. Its fix gaming time for her but unless if she got offday the timing different then and i keep accompany her during the hours. 

Abby still did not pass ML test think its been few days now...and for today i bring my friend to practice her skill since she still not use to combat yet.

This place is good to train aoe. Since master lvl test is we have to kill 5 boss at 1 time.

thought of take her to condor but me also easy to die over there lol so to be safe we came here.

After tht, she regain confident to try ml test again. So we head to Morroc.

And meet Gilgamesh the master lvl npc

So the test begin......

This time is different, Abby finally kill all the bosses but it turn out bug where the test doesnt count. With keep on trying she said sometime enter the test there only left 3/5 enemy.

Too bad for her she try for many times till sumone there also complain about having same problem and they were talking about have to reset dgn.

Somehow its a noel day lol many noel taking test today.

HorrorOFTheDeep: Yea i was having same problem. Try to relogin or so.

Ikoto: Nono u have to reset dungeon.

SO I told her to reset dgn see if it can make the bug disappear.

Abby have to restart all over but the time drag too much and she cannot focus anymore and keep dying :(

It was horrible day for Abby.....

*( pls jump the soundtrack to song no.3 to actually feel the despair of Abby heart now >..< )

I share some of our conversation in fb..

I can only comfort her with my words >.<

Wish i can really help more than that sigh ~


Pls jump soundtrack no.6 to view this if u need extra back ground ^-^

I made this prank becoz Abby didnt pass ML today.

After that day, Gilgamesh is well-known as Master Fart ~