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Chapter 5



Its been a week i did not on my character in Wartune. Omg im getting addicted over RO2 >..<

Early game i still play Wartune n then come here but now i totally abandon tht game n spent my gaming time on here. It cant be split anymore.

Cant believe this game can take my time up till now. I guess i rly have to let go of Wartune. My pro mage character lvl 80 T.T and VIP 9 sumore. Last i spent time on Wartune was class war and passed preliminary.. manage to go final. The next day is guild battle then i not on anymore since tht day till now. Not even try login atleast to exchange glory crystal which is consider valuable. The excitement rly over!

Honestly the sad thing is not left my char behind, but the friends i had over there. But people left something to pursue new thing. That is me....

In this chapter i will do some flashback of my Wartune.

Im a mage and critical build type.

Stop at lvl 80 which is max but my gear not 80 set. Its a shame i dont feel like to go complete it :(

Tht my vip 9 town :D

Light cash player but as one of veteran i still can compete with some heavy casher newbie lol.

Tribute to all the friends who quit before me and friends who is still stay in Wartune.......
with this soundtrack, one of my offline favorite game other than zelda lol.


 The song of my heart right now please hear it lol


                                                          Thank You for Knowing Me ~ 

"I am one of Wartuners who once lived in this world but has fallen..."


Actually i start play Wartune on server 2, Edena Village but due to the world boss time i cannot participate so i moved to oceanic server. 

Server 40 the badlands is the 1st server for oceanic time zone. I think the server was release on 16th October 2012. The me in here start when the server is 5 days old.

In here my 1st guild is Supremacy i think the name is or it cud be wrg lol. I used to remember it but now the memory is blurr. But wht i remember is the guild master is Lord Lacraiz and his wife Lady Lacraiz. Its small guild and its my onw choice to apply the guild. Idk why every game i play it will always start with low and not strong guild. Maybe becoz i like it tht way.

However the game release new patch with is having guild battle i think back it was 16 guild then reduce to top 8 guild only can participate the event. Our guild is not listed so Lord decide to transfer all active to those top 8 guild. We only have like 7 ppl active and we start voting to go which guild. Dam it was very long ago i cant remember much the conversation we had. At last we move to ExiSting.

For some time,...the 7 ppl at last only 2 is active which is me n titi. Becoz we from previous guild so we close even in new guild, ExiSting. 

In ExiSting is where i meet alot alot of ppl and place where i grow :) oyea i entered here my lvl was 40.

Guild Master is Vinki and along with her husband they run the guild and top ppl were like Janna, Dread, Zila.
(I think Leslie n SoT0ng was in here before me lol but howcome i nvr notice them before @.@ ugh)

Early game there alot of helpful ppl, and becoz ive been expose to tht kind of environment,..thus made me to become like them help lowbie whn im high lvl.

Well alot happened in this guild.. some happy moment..sad.. jokes around...and u watch a drama lol. 

Were were once crowd....

However as time pass by, by one disappear from the game...

I still remember them :)

But they pics were on my old laptop already spoiled cnt trace back all the data. I can only get some back from the fb group.

and some of my favorite couplex during wartuning :D

Airis x Nepi

Lil Kyoo x Rhaper

Zila x Dread x Janna ( lol this is triangle lover )

BooBoo x Whitey x Talented

Titimangsa x Wenwen

Cosmic (ET) x Yuda

After the server merge have bad issue 7/16 about unable to login thus more n more gone ....

Oyea thanks to Farrel/seren for call me back tht time i also one of players tht quit over the issue for like one week he pilot my char :)

But its different for now..

I just cant find my way to return back..

Anyway for those my friends and guild mates who still surviving in tht server i wish u all da best. Ganbatte !

Scorpy..hunkie x misty..Kinvi..Hurricane..Hellish..Wisey..
take care and help each tht is the trademark of ExiSting :)

For Annz and truly sorry i cant stay and watch u guys grow T.T

Ty for the comment Hunkiedad i update my blog and put here to remember it ^-^

Special thanks to my daily partymates who been surviving with me for many many month...

Hmm i think we start to fix team when me and Abby turn lvl 70. 
LESLIE and SoT0ng are my guild mates and they are wandering archers who sometime no party wanna take them especially when they turn lvl 70, the multi player dungeon Lych Lair or Samsara. 

They two are not cash build so battle rating abit low however they are very skillful than other archer even cash archer. Just most ppl only judge ppl by battle rating.
And to complete equipment lvl 70 players have to do nightmare version and Lych Lair is popular mpd to collect Legend Stones 70.

And worse our guild dont have tanker so we are the rare team who play with 2 mages 2 archers for llnm. Before sylph patch release it was tough to play wihtout knight but we manage to do it.

SO thats is how the story four of us begin...

WE ALWAYS BEEN TOGETHER since tht time and the chemistry four of us rly good..the combo in skill everything was perfect.
But one day SoT0ng say final good bye, I lose my precious archer mate. It very sad but we have to accept and respect the decision. * cry  T.T

Ive been watch many leavers of my past mates but SoT0ng left rly give great impact to me.

After tht day our gameplay worsen. We continue play with party of 4 but only 3 players where i play 2 client with control my mage n Dread at the same time (replace SoT0ng with Dread this is an archer class which sharing account me with some guild mates becoz real owner quit long ago). 

One day im too tired of piloting 2 client, and i critics LESLIE for not focus in our daily run and made him sad so he disappear the next day till now we havent talk lol. I was unstable mood... im sorry LESLIE. 

Now 2 archer gone thus left Abby pilot LESLIE n me pilot Dread, the gameplay is too tiring.. i cannot go on aymore tht is final reason for me to stop the game. Becoz i cant find replacement for my two archers..and i dont think anyone can replace them..

Over the past time so many friends left the game. For some players, friends left have nothing to sad for and they can continue,..carry one their game but not for me. I enjoy my game with companionship, im not solo type who rejoice over best own build character >..< 

Here is my my most precious moment in wartuning is with my best friends Abby the one tht keep me go sooo far in wartune and stay till the very end of my wartune life....

Aww this gona make me cry T.T looking back how we two grow from lowbie..
In wartune friendship have lvl and max lvl is 9.

How me and abby start to bloom our friendship hmm im trying to recall back....

Abby and me entered ExiSting around same time..but in the beginning we wasnt this close.
And i was ahead of her in lvl so we didnt end up in same party but becoz i always like to help tht how i meet up with Abby during when i help low lvl map.

Abby start to look up into me like ask my advise about build mage etc. I nvr have serious discussion with anyone so far and she is only person we share alot of our thought.
From whole wartune stuff we share and view our opinion and we become so close. True companion has born here where start to hold lvl and wait for her so we can team up everytime everywhere.

The bond between us so strong tht she will always walk with me in every path i choose.

I always remind in myself tht i will not leave matter wht but i rly rly try my best to stay till....
the time when i confess to her about my feeling over Wartune already fade away and she say she understand and Abby also say she dont want me to keep on play if i dont feel like to do so.

and so ...

The End of my Wartune

Have no more life and cannot revive anymore lol

Rest in peace....

My boring soul wander around...

And some place has calling me ...again

* dont ask why the clothes earlier gone lol

I wake up in somewhere



in Ragnarok Online 2 world >..<

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