Sunday, May 18, 2014

Chapter 3

Master Level Newbie

HUh~ last story stop me at how me a master level. However im checking i dont see wht so different in me now. My stat still same and nothing new in skill ugh >..<  and i did some honing in my gear learnt from google but only little increase.

Once again me at confusion state oh well i guess i will just have carry on play till i find out the benefit of ML.

Im still tag along in pve arena lol the only place i thought to collect some token exchange a better gear.

In post have dungeons run tht i wud like to try n join but i notice i cant join it like system block me from enter portal to the dungeon :(

Tht dgn is Culvert of Abyss in Verta Delta map...
To me its popular dungeon i guess as many post invite pt on it and the other is baphomet garden. I bet they sure getting good gear here. I google why/wht quest tht i lack make me cnt join this dungeon and i found out its brygan ore quest.

Sigh and i cudnt get the quest done yet so i wht i do is move town to town clear daily pollunium quest and back to pve arena.

And fill my time sometime with try to clear Khara Quest, this i found when i press 'O' button.

Kinda bored tho......and...the finally good day come

Once again lucky me....

In pve Arena today as i finish a run with random group of the member
wer saying..

SinnerSnake : Congratz on ur ml kid.

( as i see the chat i already press quit raid ) so i whisper her back.

Me: Ty. (the name seem familiar tho)

Me: Are u CelebralSnake?

SinnerSnake: yes its me, this is my new jump lvl char.

**I was happy to see my savior remember me even she using alternate char :D ( lol she rly like snake i guess)

And so the chat go on she said lets go get my ml gear.

Im not sure wht she meant im afraid tht it cud be we heading to the dungeons tht im not able to enter. 

But i was wrong its not to dungeon actually we go to Morroc and the place is a map with mobs red name to me mean its dangerous place.

From the portal tht i circle in pic above, is Day Desert area where she took me.

Its a dessert area with mobs around. And all i do just stood in safe area while CelebralSnake killing mobs and gather equipment for me. I guess im too noobie to join her fite >..< only can stay far....

SO here is wht ML gear look like.

As the description state, require to wear it is Master Level 1 and D class. Even it just green colour but the stat way higher than pve gear. That wht make master level stronger.

Compare to my previous pve arena equipment. 

And after get me a set ML gear...

CelebralSnake brieft to me about how to lvling ML.

I even put it in my notepad in case i forgot lol.

And the short note become like this : 

ml3->ml7-8-9-10->ml12 (frm there on osi)

She said lvl 1 to lvl 7 i must grind at Condor. ( I thought Condor is a dungeon but its not ..condor is name of monster/mobs its a giant birds)

*Now think back i do see ppl ask party condor ..condor..condor in post or in party chat search. Im not sure wht was it before as i tought it cud be high lvl dgn ..higher than Culvert of Abyss. So now i knw it for ml only. Place where they lvling.

After tht lvl7 to lvl 12 i must grind at muka. Same, its a name of monster/mobs.

Last lvling from lvl 12 and up is at tomb of osiris.

And Celebral is lvl 17 im sure tht where she spend time most now. (I wonder if i can catch up to her then i mite can join her savior team :D) 

These is pics of Celebral n her friends Infront of Tomb of Osiris

Even i having fun here i still remembering my wartune friends especially Abby sigh....

I miss them but well i feel bad too tht i skip wartuning n join here T.T

And now with good ppl here helping me out i cudnt resist to explore more further ~

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Chapter 2


Newbie Saviors

I come again online altho not sure wht but i just like to come here,..well atleast slashing some monsters >..< and the main quest getting harder im stuck at brygan ore quest!

And as i walking around slashing angeling/ South Plain there where i met my saviour :D the one lighten up my dull RO2 gaming.

CelebralSnake happened to see me n she say: Hi, u need help with gear?

I was happy but then i remind myself tht maybe she refer about selling gear lol ( i was happy for short time) then i reply to her : U not gona help for free rite?

She say: Ofcourse I'm helping for free lol. Come with me to arena.

Im totally no clue wht she talking about thus me follow all the way~

So pve arena locate in Prontera.

The community here not bad finally a random person come help out this noobie >..<
Ok continue with pve arena...
SO here is where those jump lvl character ( lvl 50 char ) get their gears as a starter kit.
Oyea i havent story tht here grouping/party can up to 4 page :O

If only 1 page its a party but more than that they called it a raid.
We can talk in party mode or raid mode while in team...and pve arena they do it in raid like 8-10 ppl.

* in wartune we farm insignia to get gear and early time we collect from arena too :D well other than collect from GB.

I guess every game have arena site where we earn gear dam why i didnt figure it out earlier >..<

Well and so next day i on just to come here and getting gear other than CelebralSnake i start to meet new ppl who is friendly too over here at pve arena. 

WE kill bosses and they were like 7 stage total. 

The bosses drop various items

This is the one i collect to exchange for gear. 

They only drop cap, glove and armor so far.

And eventually in my bag have the purple chest and token I.

Token II i exchange from npc not get from those bosses.

The rate is 5x token I = 1x token II

This where the npc for exchange, they are at the middle town of Prontera.

During my time here most of the chat in pve raid i dont rly understand well some of them are verteran players who just play their alternate and also have strong character coming do pve arena too is like they probably collect quest item.

and days begin with join random group pve arena all the way untill.....

Another Savior

Few days over here there i met another savior ( this one i forgot to add as friend but i remember her name is Kamilia and a very strong knight.) I wish i cud meet her again sob* to take her pics. T.T

She observe me and she said i may qualify to take ML test.

Ive been heard alot ppl saying about ml ( master lvl) before and i did  my research in google about it tho but it doesnt rly get me well read and do is different i guess...and master lvl is after player reach lvl50.

Well this kind knight show me way to where we suppose to take ml test. It is in Morroc City. Veryyy far away from Prontera.

I know its hard from wht i read in chat ppl been talking abt died instance. I obviously scare i wont make it thru >..<

But since Kamilia seem looking forward i keep saying OK to her in watever she telling me to do.
She even buy me a spinel and give me some kind of booster food. Wht a nice player :) not asking any money lol.

* spinel is a revive item which is rare n expensive. If we died we can revive instance at the place.

and this food im not sure but it seem rare to me and cud be expensive too  

And before begin she off her knight change to alternate character which is a Soul Maker to help buff me. think her soul maker name QueenQry sumthing. 

The test was hell tough i died few times. I think actually there where like 5 enemies and we have to kill them all. ..but at the end i passed the test :D 

It was lucky the final try seem i got easy mode or wht things just become easy o.0 i do couples of aoes attack well my crecentia have 2 aoe tht save me.
WHeeee and im a Master Level i saw there some players saw me n say gratz Kid. was happy moment even i dont know wht so good about being master lvl lol.

Then she said tht from now on i will just have to start go grind with guild member or friends for stuff. I not rly understand wht stuff she meant.
And she left afterward.....sigh howcome i forgot to add her friend maybe excited n clueless me cudnt think further >..<

So now me a Master Crecentia and my rank is D...huh maybe have better rank like A sort of.
The clueless Noobie finally begin the journey as Master Level.....

(Im starting to fall for this game now since met nice ppl ^-^ just suit me where i like to be in friendly community even the game is not tht great.)


Furthermore is not im begging or asking for  the help but it come from the bottom of their heart to simply helping ppl so they are truly nice players.

Or it cud be becoz im a helpful player too in most of the games i played so this is good karma for me.
( lol this sound brag off) Oh well ^-^

Monday, May 5, 2014

Intro and Chapter 1


Im getting bored with Wartune (almost 2 yrs on this browser game )....start searching new games.
I dont find good browser games tho..i start look for mmorpg since my new lappy can play any game now i like to try more than just 2d games. Like eden eternal...somehow i miss tht game but quit due to study last time >..<  and EE now too old to start anew i search new release game so can catch up.

These wht i find n installed em...Aura Kingdom under aeria just like eden and its new.... but i dont understand the system and its too messy. I gave up on it but still in my laptop probably come back try again. Huh then I try another Troy vs Sparta. My...this game not mess but too lonely lol barely see anyone...only last 2 days uninstalled it. Then got Yulgang2, korean game :D.. but i dont get how to play this T.T follow quest n cant talk to anyone *feel lonely*. But due to nice graphic try hard to play it but last only a week...abandon tht game.

And so on i install/dl more forgot wht games but only few hours delete them lol maby tht why i dont remember the name.

I still playing Wartune this game mean alot to me, i hate it for it turn out real bad now but i dont regret playing it as i found realy good ppl especially in my guild and reason i stay becoz of them.... one by one quit spirit on Wartune dying slowly...last strength i had is Abby my very close n special friend left keep me still.

One day i open my aeria ignite to check on Ragnarok Zero the game i was waiting to play but nvr release..the hell with this game since last year i keep an eye on it nvr open not even a beta. Then i got see there is Ragnarok Online 2 under aeria? Huh and it said free to play. I thought ragnarok 2 is pay to play nvr bother before. Then they having annivesary 1 so its already 1 yr old. Also they got event jump lvl hmmm this is interesting. Decided download n install it. Man took me 5 hours direct dl coz i dont knw hw use torrent whtever.

Only have 1 server
However it have channel which we can switch where/ which to go even in game :D

Wandering Newbie

Even i was aiming to play ragnarok zero but actually dont have idea how the game is. I knew ro1 was famous game but nvr play it and now im trying RO2 :O without having any experience on the gameplay. Well fear not as i back myself up with google stuff hohoho.

Was getting excited took me 2 hour reading abt which class to make and i decide to try new race they having, it seem release this year so kinda new i guess. They called it noel and it only have 2 route which is Crecentia and Soul Maker. I decide to make a crec since sm more likely healer type and im not sure if im able to heal ppl lol wht if i failed to heal good sure ill be kick out frm party @.@ to be safe i take non healer. And for the job i take artisan. ( figure can make my own gear tht wht i thought)

So i start as lvl 50

Hm why this place dark no sunlight >..< i dont like dark place. I dont see any players around only npc huh~ well follow walkthough and getting myself familiar with the controling/ skilling.

This map is weird idk wht to begin actually or probably becoz i jump lvl so nothing much to do over here. Mobs is low lvl tho. I left tht map and enter portal to other world/map.

The portal lead to a map name East Mt. Mjolnir.

Tht annoucement 'character can be moved by usin WASD key', I have no idea wht it tht meh *ignored*

So this map is bright love it and the back ground music its very soothing :D
Mobs so easy to die lol i knw they lvl lower than mine. So was busy myself do the quest by follow the marking. Now this map i do see players kinda light up my spirit but havent got to talk to anyone yet.

There alot npc to talk to and whn i talk to the one with mark on their head it will start a quest does i follow along the quest over this map try to clear every of it till nomore mark left lol.

Next day, I finish quest and move to next city which is this look like a Main city tht have ppl open selling in the middle town.

And they currently have Annivesary event which i think its not permanent event so just get along with it not sure how precious this event tho only get myself purple cards and and vip cards from tht angeling/deviling quest.

*The stat way higher than the green card n its for lvl 50. It were great gift event to me o.0

and the next day..

So im still playing this game by questing in South Plain area the next map after Prontera..Here is where i was spam invitation into a guild. Whee sumone invite me finally. 

The guild master who invite me, her name is Selexia, I dont see much ppl in it..guess its small guild and most of time only 1 -3 player online lol. Now i miss my wartune guild more alive >..<

But it seem guild doesnt matter much in this game as players some dont having em guild and idk maybe no guild event much unlike in wartune guild is important thus i love guild battle over ter.

Im still not making any friends..its good game so far but feel lonely *sigh* if only i cud bring all my wartune friends come play with me here and explore together.

Anyway days by days i keep learning new stuff. .....

This one cool :D where u can fly using npc to travel n save time but have to pay money some zeny/rupee.

 This where i begin start party as the quest in wolf cave too hard to solo even im lvl 50 @.@

Press 'N' and this box appear.
Its like a board ppl can keep open it to see/check wht party available in there instead of using search party chat.

             (and so on my journey is questing all over from one map to another map.........................)

Funny n embarrassing moment.....

I hate this map Divided Plain. There quest to go dungeon Hell of Deadly poison where i cannot find the entrance. Probably i didnt read the quest description i dunno we suppose talk to npc to go ter lol. What i did was different..

I found the portal in map but its way down below ...and i cud only think we have to jump @.@ and i did...bam n i died ..shiet.

Well lucky i looked up into post n got party doin tht dungeon. Well at 1st they already over there and ask me to warp. (in my mind idk wht /how to warp wer the heck this warp option oh no)

Seeing me taking time to come then one guy come pick me up at town n show the way..
ITS totally wrong from wht i was doing yeah ( how stupid >.> )
Almost 1 week plus played now i cleared these maps..

Then i start to feel bored :(
I cant figure how to make gear yet..........all i do is questing idea items tht precious or no i throw them sell em as no solid guide line and not having ppl teaching me friends :(
and i try hard google to improve my knowledge on this game bah its getting annoying n frustrating.
My character no improvement >..<
.................................back to wartuning.
*however this game is awsome to keep me play it over 1 week im not giving up yet!