Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Chapter 2


Newbie Saviors

I come again online altho not sure wht but i just like to come here,..well atleast slashing some monsters >..< and the main quest getting harder im stuck at brygan ore quest!

And as i walking around slashing angeling/deviling...in South Plain there where i met my saviour :D the one lighten up my dull RO2 gaming.

CelebralSnake happened to see me n she say: Hi, u need help with gear?

I was happy but then i remind myself tht maybe she refer about selling gear lol ( i was happy for short time) then i reply to her : U not gona help for free rite?

She say: Ofcourse I'm helping for free lol. Come with me to arena.

Im totally no clue wht she talking about thus me follow all the way~

So pve arena locate in Prontera.

The community here not bad finally a random person come help out this noobie >..<
Ok continue with pve arena...
SO here is where those jump lvl character ( lvl 50 char ) get their gears as a starter kit.
Oyea i havent story tht here grouping/party can up to 4 page :O

If only 1 page its a party but more than that they called it a raid.
We can talk in party mode or raid mode while in team...and pve arena they do it in raid like 8-10 ppl.

* in wartune we farm insignia to get gear and early time we collect from arena too :D well other than collect from GB.

I guess every game have arena site where we earn gear dam why i didnt figure it out earlier >..<

Well and so next day i on just to come here and getting gear other than CelebralSnake i start to meet new ppl who is friendly too over here at pve arena. 

WE kill bosses and they were like 7 stage total. 

The bosses drop various items

This is the one i collect to exchange for gear. 

They only drop cap, glove and armor so far.

And eventually in my bag have the purple chest and token I.

Token II i exchange from npc not get from those bosses.

The rate is 5x token I = 1x token II

This where the npc for exchange, they are at the middle town of Prontera.

During my time here most of the chat in pve raid i dont rly understand well some of them are verteran players who just play their alternate and also have strong character coming do pve arena too is like they probably collect quest item.

and so..my days begin with join random group pve arena all the way untill.....

Another Savior

Few days over here there i met another savior ( this one i forgot to add as friend but i remember her name is Kamilia and a very strong knight.) I wish i cud meet her again sob* to take her pics. T.T

She observe me and she said i may qualify to take ML test.

Ive been heard alot ppl saying about ml ( master lvl) before and i did  my research in google about it tho but it doesnt rly get me well read and do is different i guess...and master lvl is after player reach lvl50.

Well this kind knight show me way to where we suppose to take ml test. It is in Morroc City. Veryyy far away from Prontera.

I know its hard from wht i read in chat ppl been talking abt died instance. I obviously scare i wont make it thru >..<

But since Kamilia seem looking forward i keep saying OK to her in watever she telling me to do.
She even buy me a spinel and give me some kind of booster food. Wht a nice player :) not asking any money lol.

* spinel is a revive item which is rare n expensive. If we died we can revive instance at the place.

and this food im not sure but it seem rare to me and cud be expensive too  

And before begin she off her knight change to alternate character which is a Soul Maker to help buff me. think her soul maker name QueenQry sumthing. 

The test was hell tough i died few times. I think actually there where like 5 enemies and we have to kill them all. ..but at the end i passed the test :D 

It was lucky the final try seem i got easy mode or wht things just become easy o.0 i do couples of aoes attack well my crecentia have 2 aoe tht save me.
WHeeee and im a Master Level i saw there some players saw me n say gratz Kid. Haha...it was happy moment even i dont know wht so good about being master lvl lol.

Then she said tht from now on i will just have to start go grind with guild member or friends for stuff. I not rly understand wht stuff she meant.
And she left afterward.....sigh howcome i forgot to add her friend maybe excited n clueless me cudnt think further >..<

So now me a Master Crecentia and my rank is D...huh maybe have better rank like A sort of.
The clueless Noobie finally begin the journey as Master Level.....

(Im starting to fall for this game now since met nice ppl ^-^ just suit me where i like to be in friendly community even the game is not tht great.)


Furthermore is not im begging or asking for  the help but it come from the bottom of their heart to simply helping ppl so they are truly nice players.

Or it cud be becoz im a helpful player too in most of the games i played so this is good karma for me.
( lol this sound brag off) Oh well ^-^

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