Friday, July 11, 2014

Chapter 12



Sigh my play time recently being cut down due to busy with works but i still come and play and afk alot >.<

ANyway as i was at ML10 last time play now im checking my MP and i think of go lvlup ML11.

As i was doing stuff somone whispered me..

Misher was from osi run and and i guess it was long run tht she decide to take a break and help me to ML11.

As we enter muka area..

But we didnt end up osi together becoz Misher have to go meeting and then Lucky leave for a break too.

So i went to go lvl to ML11 but before i cud lvlup i have to take rank up quest.

I thought of to go rank C is like a test where like earlier test to be ML where we have to fight bosses but its not like what i was expected.

It turn to be a quest where i were teleport back to yggdrasil and talking to npc ...and npc ..npc till it end and go back here and lvlup.

I remember about someone from here, well if in normal talk in pic above the name is Forei and somehow he misunderstand about me with someone else who need help for ML test.

The message were unclear when he whispered me and before i cud explain im not the one need help for ML he off his char and on his soul maker and it turn out this way lol.

That just make my zelda mood turn on now i feel like to play some song from it xD

Anyway back to make my Joser set..

However abby still not yet ML11 so i just keep her set for now.

Ta da!

I thought my first osi run will be with Misher but as the time she were invite me earlier i was playing with Abby at condors and then me have to go for some time.

Then i come online again and i wasnt expect to go Osiris so soon but since Cerebral were there so i guess i take a look how is the run over there.

Cerebral was having long run since i drop in some time then come back see she still doin it and reinvite me. I guess goin ML20 to ML21 is rly no joke @.@ to play rly long run.

Some party were ppl i use to meet before like Bala and Lucky. They turn different in lvl as well when i see them. They doin rly good in lvlup lol compare to me i feel like i wasnt anything much development.

Leaving Muka

Today we went all out at muka and lvling up Abby. She jump from ML9 to ML11 :D

I gave exp scl that Bala gave me before >.< i was having 1 more and i think i have to give it to abby to help boost lvling faster and it does help i guess since it jump up into 2 lvl.

Now she too can wear Joser Set :D

Oh well now good thing we dont need to go Muka anymore yey finally leave tht place.

Powering up

Today i have some time to online and i was not really into osi run idk why i think im lacking of something. Altho there alot party looking for players for the run but i hold back from try out.

The thing i was lack when i saw the other time in osi run with Cerebral is she use willow worker dna summon monster and i think i need tht to be able to help heal some if we dont really have healer.

Plus when abby not around i have to pot when i do hunting or solo around stuff. FOr my class not able to self heal rly difficult.

Willow dna is sumthin i think of impossible for me becoz of wht i experience before not rly a good one.

But since i had some free time now i make some money from loot and sell at condors and some was from after sell my menace gear in Auction House i used the income and buy dna willow worker in the AH.

And then finally the good day come,..

That was the 7th time dna and it gimme C finally. Without any delay me go get binding protien and turn it into a complete dna.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Chapter 11


Growing Up

The morroc town quest still not settle but we pay less attention to questing since entering dayr desert.

Everytime we just end up condoring and loot stuff. Ive been watch newcomer in here and after next day or few days they not in condors anymore lol.

WHy they rush to lvl i more wonder why whn they hit ML20 or so they no rly online anymore then wht so important to lvlup fast ..thts kinda odd.

Thats wht i see in most list in the friends window..ppl who been adding me up frm condoring and they move on to muka then osi then not rly online afterwards.

SOmething fishy...maybe ML20 too hard that ppl stop playing. Then more i dont want to lvlup and keep buying skill point..i even come up with idea to buy all skill point and stat point frm condoring before i ever lvlup lol but..

something just happened which has changed my way of playing ..

Well i guess i shudnt be rely on others even he was offering before. I thought it was for real but now i think back daily together is impossible.

Unless u rly know the person for long how i knw abby from previous game and it was almost 2 years now knowing her n her time play.

Its just a fate for me to move on from condorings...not my planning but it just happened..

i will rly rly miss condors they are my 'friends' !!

Oh well time to move..


ERm i used to come once but i didnt not really pay attention to the surrounding last time..

Now i see how exactly this place o.o

WHy they design the place like this lol i dont think anyone wud like to come here often now...unless there are valuable stuff drop here other than lvling. 

ANyway since im here i shall try out this place.

To solo around here not a wise move lol they rly deal alot damage on me...and it will consume alot pots, rly not good idea.

I can kill condors like 3-4 groups then eat pots but here so different 1 group already take more than half of my HP..crazy tough.

I need to join a party :/

STart with stand and expose all the charm,.. hopefully sumone notice and invite me ....

I have to look from post board and found one and whispered the leader to let me in.

Actually this is 2nd party frm post board the 1st one only last 10 mins and disband bcoz the leader do raid lol.

After some time run the party changed into...

One night experiment on muka area give me some of different scene than in condor area..

From mobs and players around..

Mukas ..the cactus monster are wide in range and whn i do marathon with the party these monster are scattered in such big area..

Even so there are still players around here who know how to enjoy the game even they try to lvlup fast.

I can say they still got some sense of fun in the heart :D like these ppl..

And they go more insane to go dungeon while was not a plan yet it just happened..when we were taking break suddenly..

How they ended up over there still mystery to me..  reason why Keizhana ask for party lead and why she go temple of sea god..motive is unclear, she did not ask us to come either whn i check party chat.

However more mystery is those two howcome they too end up over there,.I mean the only way to go its probably they click the warp..but why those two clicked it rly bother me ..

Becoz shariniko and bear obviously didnt get along well in middle or mukasing as i see how she rly hate panda looting and the bear act like he didnt care n keep the loot..

But they have same idea on click the warp?! @.@ ~~~if in anime version this two can be great couple  xD 

Ofcourse the party didnt last long after tht, but it give me funny and weird moment.

WHat a day...well my 1st day on muka, i wonder if ill see them again later in somewhere...


well it was the unlucky day

I was imagine tht we gona have fun day.., but it turn out bad and end my day real quick.

I wish now im super strong tht i can take abby with me next time on muka without havin to invite others.

However in order to do tht then i have to lvlup and wear high lvl gear >.<


Cerebral was hi to me and asking wht i was doin and so on ..i got invitation party from her and she is with sumone..

Well lets play a song for our guest..
One of my old ps fav game i chose this song for this one

~~~~~this gona be bala x cere theme in here :D

Last time when at pve arena and condoring, Cerebral came to help me sometime she alone and with random invitation to make party full...

Or sometime she come with high lvl ML, where i think they are probably her close friends.

And today Cerebral bring a high lvl soul maker in the party.

I was expect its female noel but as the soul maker came i heard the sound 
'hui hui' even in dark mode i can tell its male noel.

At 1st i see him just normal my doubt is like usual he must be one of Cerebral good friends for ML24 to come here.

SO wht make him different well it start whn he were saying...

Cerebral knw abt me bloging ro2 from last time when she helping me hunting dna, i was saying abt taking screen shot for put in blog and she ask if she cud visit my blog so i gave the link.

SO i tot now maybe he knw from Cerebral, but from the talks in party chat it seem cerebral also no idea how he found it.

From the chat we had i can say the story were like..

It was a fun day :D 

Balahura is friendly person i can say and he give me exp scroll 2x

I get alot MP during the time thanks to them :)

Hope in future i will encounter more players that are nice and friendly  ^-^

I dont have any in return but to show my gratitude i made this for them.

Bala x Cere momento

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Chapter 10



WHeee finally we grad from our home run thru all the maps..

We deserve some happy song here ^-^

Questing 1-50 is long Journey...

Rotating quest and meet same npc make me remember them more than what the quest is all about. 

Here are some top npc tht i turn them into my own scene during the journey.

Dr.Jacob is funny and weird idk why he always behave like tht @.@

Think me first time meet him at South Plain and it has movie wer he success ride and fly a Peco huh~

Trade Master Onasis in Alberta.

This guy i wonder how old is he, he look like old like his hair dont match with him >.>

But i like how he laugh and i click many times on him just to hear he say: Hohoo,.. the wind are strong today! :D

ANd here the infamous Eremes Guile. I not sure he is in good side or bad side actually.

Saint Aione's Escort.

When in East Mt. Mjolnir i wasnt rly pay attention to them but well now they rly got my attention.

Apart from those four, Kleindiana Lexington always remain strong...

In Morroc when everyone collapse only she still have some strength.

but..was it just me or u guys can see it
she was staring at Lorishu...( even strong woman will have tht feeling hohoho )

Oh well these were just to pass my time while completing the quest journey.

Pro player shudnt be doing this lol we suppose to go grind sumwer >.> 

After Abby left to slp usually me still around and been nothin much ,..condors or take screen shot ...or i just go use flying kafra coz i rly like them.

Even me master level 5 for long but actually ive been buying skill point everytime my experience or we say master point reach 12k.

Now think i already bought 9 skill point. If used them to lvlup probably me already ML 11 o.0

But the lazy me have sumone rly good to always back up..

As i was remember wht Cerebral been doing and suddenly she whispered me today.

Cerebral was asking if i want to hang out do sumthin fun :O

I was like hmm lol im ML5 and she is ML17 the gap is far not sure where we can hang out and both can have fun.

She asked how many dna monster i have collected...i replied i had 6 ( i tot it was ok )

Cerebral was like oh.. yea u are jump char..

Look at her reaction i knew tht quantity is rly poor i

SO she decided to help me hunt dna.

She figure as Bunny this time.

My development quite fast Cerebral said when she was early time take longer time to have atleast 1 complete dna over here.

But we spent less than an hour i got 4-5 dna complete.

I see now why its important to have others dna even they are weak dna monster..
We need alot alot to reduce the cool down..
Like this we can summon the strong dna monster in less cd.
So far my strongest dna is Gorem wer i got him during i hunting noel gear for Abby.

Not long after here comeJune Event !

Hmm i dont like to just take all from ppl without give back in return...i was thinkin wht i shud give to Cerebral for waste her time on helping me around in condor.. So i decide to post 100 dark coin to her mail box hope she ok with tht or maybe its just a lame present >.<.

and i grind more zeny to buy vip 30 days for Abby since she gave me 2 perfect lunius. Iknw she can just buy cash it but in term of friendship we suppose to not take advantage so we shud take and give :D.