Sunday, May 18, 2014

Chapter 3

Master Level Newbie

HUh~ last story stop me at how me a master level. However im checking i dont see wht so different in me now. My stat still same and nothing new in skill ugh >..<  and i did some honing in my gear learnt from google but only little increase.

Once again me at confusion state oh well i guess i will just have carry on play till i find out the benefit of ML.

Im still tag along in pve arena lol the only place i thought to collect some token exchange a better gear.

In post have dungeons run tht i wud like to try n join but i notice i cant join it like system block me from enter portal to the dungeon :(

Tht dgn is Culvert of Abyss in Verta Delta map...
To me its popular dungeon i guess as many post invite pt on it and the other is baphomet garden. I bet they sure getting good gear here. I google why/wht quest tht i lack make me cnt join this dungeon and i found out its brygan ore quest.

Sigh and i cudnt get the quest done yet so i wht i do is move town to town clear daily pollunium quest and back to pve arena.

And fill my time sometime with try to clear Khara Quest, this i found when i press 'O' button.

Kinda bored tho......and...the finally good day come

Once again lucky me....

In pve Arena today as i finish a run with random group of the member
wer saying..

SinnerSnake : Congratz on ur ml kid.

( as i see the chat i already press quit raid ) so i whisper her back.

Me: Ty. (the name seem familiar tho)

Me: Are u CelebralSnake?

SinnerSnake: yes its me, this is my new jump lvl char.

**I was happy to see my savior remember me even she using alternate char :D ( lol she rly like snake i guess)

And so the chat go on she said lets go get my ml gear.

Im not sure wht she meant im afraid tht it cud be we heading to the dungeons tht im not able to enter. 

But i was wrong its not to dungeon actually we go to Morroc and the place is a map with mobs red name to me mean its dangerous place.

From the portal tht i circle in pic above, is Day Desert area where she took me.

Its a dessert area with mobs around. And all i do just stood in safe area while CelebralSnake killing mobs and gather equipment for me. I guess im too noobie to join her fite >..< only can stay far....

SO here is wht ML gear look like.

As the description state, require to wear it is Master Level 1 and D class. Even it just green colour but the stat way higher than pve gear. That wht make master level stronger.

Compare to my previous pve arena equipment. 

And after get me a set ML gear...

CelebralSnake brieft to me about how to lvling ML.

I even put it in my notepad in case i forgot lol.

And the short note become like this : 

ml3->ml7-8-9-10->ml12 (frm there on osi)

She said lvl 1 to lvl 7 i must grind at Condor. ( I thought Condor is a dungeon but its not ..condor is name of monster/mobs its a giant birds)

*Now think back i do see ppl ask party condor ..condor..condor in post or in party chat search. Im not sure wht was it before as i tought it cud be high lvl dgn ..higher than Culvert of Abyss. So now i knw it for ml only. Place where they lvling.

After tht lvl7 to lvl 12 i must grind at muka. Same, its a name of monster/mobs.

Last lvling from lvl 12 and up is at tomb of osiris.

And Celebral is lvl 17 im sure tht where she spend time most now. (I wonder if i can catch up to her then i mite can join her savior team :D) 

These is pics of Celebral n her friends Infront of Tomb of Osiris

Even i having fun here i still remembering my wartune friends especially Abby sigh....

I miss them but well i feel bad too tht i skip wartuning n join here T.T

And now with good ppl here helping me out i cudnt resist to explore more further ~

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