Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Chapter 9


The Journey

So we went back to Garden of Yigdrassil ..and questing for Abby begin..

and so we continue with the rest..

Well my quest mostly done but i join Abby so make her quest run faster with two of us kill monsters..and our daily were like...

it will be like this till Abby reach her quest in Morroc where my quest stop.


Completing my guardian quest...

I remember my guardian quest not fully complete. SO i decide to complete them. Actually i rarely use guardian only use whn i need to run fast >..< and the gauge is long cd keep forget to use it back.

I think guardian quest is for all class but depend on their job to get the mission. As for me artisan my quest start from this woman at Prontera town.

Somehow the guardian remind me of Death Note...idk why.

* actually it is bug,... there is no way we can use flying kafra whn guardian on summon. But it feel good whn he follow me like this even on flying kafra altho in other ppl screen it doesnt exist lol.

More Journey Scene..

I like map with green environment and have lake or sea to swim around >.<

Its look like noel swim use their tail @.@

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