Sunday, June 8, 2014

Chapter 6



The waiting finally over. My best friend Abby successfully update her RO2 and ready to join me my new world.

*Accoding to Abby she read in forum and notice ppl been talking abt use cleaner to clean malware sort of where 8/10 ppl say it work. So she follow and clear the evil ware tht how it work now. :D 

Altho we always keep in touch thru FB but the feeling not same when gaming together. I was super excited when she gona come n meet me in RO2 ^-^

Abby decide to make a noel like me the new race and since im a crecentia so she take the soul maker class and her job is blacksmith..

Since she a noel same like me i knew she gona login which mean born the same place i was...that dark place Garden of Yggdrasil. So i teleport myself over there ready to meet up my friend.

Running to Abby!!

I wonder how she gona looks like..

And at same time im thinking hard how to make her understand the gameplay as she nvr play this kind of game before.

There she is! Abby have long hair like me and her is red colour ^-^
*dam my title/name blocked the view. i shud have hide it.

Well at 1st it was awkward as Abby still learning on how to control the char,..understand all the function and skilling.

Funny seeing me n Abby, something is wrong lol where we both figure as adult female mage in the other game before but in here we turn into a loli !?! @.@. 

Im not sure if this image fit us lol.

*Does we two look like protagonist in some sort of anime lol? I wish there an anime maker can make this kind of story where two ancient mages beein reborn into loli :D

Anyway....I try my best to make her comfort with the game.

I also take Abby to pve arena so she can get the gear and title.

And explain to her about how the party loot work.
At 1st she doesnt know tht those item in there cnt be trade and she pick up some item tht for crencentia for me.
I only told her to click Need when there is item for her and ignore if it not for her class.
I hope they do not mad at her tht time.
I wasnt a good teacher >..<

SO after get some opressor and token i took her to the exchange npc.

We been doin pve arena few times to get most of the gear needed.

With tht gear on i think she can take ml so i asked if she want to give a try..she say ok then we head to Morroc.

I explained to her wht to do and then me wait infront the building hope tht she make it.

*Feeling anxious

Not long after she respawn and i knew tht she didnt make it. 

I knw ml was hard even for me i died 4-5 times when i remember back. 

But Abby not giving up yet she keep on trying.

I remembered Kamilia gave me some food booster last time, so i did same and buy Abby tht snake food and some speed potion to help her run fast.

However no luck on her ...and she getting tired and cnt proceed anymore. I wish i can help in any way >..<

I dont have any advice on how to play a soul maker.

I thought of asking PrincessOzma opinion since she passed ML as soul maker but cudnt get to reach her since she offline.

Maybe it was too fast for Abby as she just getting knw the game and not familiar with skilling yet. 

My bad for lead her here she just played for 2nd day tho  Ugh.. hope she dont get too upset >..<

The next day we just do some pve arena to complete her gear.

My 1st DNA summon monster ...

Now when i got nothing much to do i remembering something about dna. Early game i throw these dna stuff it doesnt look like precious to me well not shiny items though , look like ingredient for making something i thought for certain job material but it happened i was wrong about it.

Cerebral used to teach me but i wasnt rly pay attention lol. But since she note me on tht i did not throw away my dna anymore but i never rly go hunt it either so nothin much in my bag.

And recently she sent some dna to my mail box. So time to check out about this stuff.

I opened up dna monster window and look for the matching dna.

SO basically we consume it by right click the dna in bag. I notice the pieces have 4 parts ( A, T, C, G) and have to make it full to combine it if not protien binding cannot put into the middle slot :O

After combine success i found new thing in my bag so i right click it and it gone but my skeleton lvlup.

For some time idk how to summon lol until i figure tht we suppose to drag the icon to our quick skill slot!

Now me begin the ritual to summon skeleton.



Combining pitbull with shakira to get the mood >.<

SO that is dna monster and it is my 1st one. 

Dna monster dont fight for us it seem their existance is to buff us for some stat and for short time tht mean we probably have to keep on resummon where the cd not that long.

Whee thanks to Cerebral again i wont knw this if she dont share with me and give me free dna :D

I see the list they are lots more lol i dont think im able to collect them all >.<

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